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Small Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Small Master Bathroom Remodel Atlanta2Small Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

A small master bathroom can be a challenge to remodel, but it doesn't have to be. With the right ideas, you can make this space your own and create a spa-like retreat. So in this article, we will provide you with some great ideas for making the most of your small space.

  • Use Mirrors and Vanities
  • Create an Island Design
  • Add Storage Space
  • Hang Clothes on the Wall
  • Install a Pedestal or Vessel Sink
  • Add a Towel Bar or Towel Rack
  • Add a Vanity Light
  • Install an In-Wall Rain Shower Head
  • Use Bold Colors Wisely
Small Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

How to Make the Most of Your Small Master Bathroom?

Use Mirrors and Vanities

A small master bathroom can feel cramped and overwhelming if there is insufficient counter or storage space. One way to make the bathroom more spacious is to add mirrors and vanities.

  • Mirrors can be used to create a larger space by reflecting back images of objects or people nearby.
  • While vanities can provide more storage space by providing cutouts in the cabinet doors.

Adding either of these features can help make the small master bathroom feel more functional and organized.

Create an Island Design

Another way to make the small master bathroom feel more spacious is to create an island design. By removing all but a small section of the counter, you can create a space where you can shave or brush your teeth. This design also makes it easier to find things in the bathroom since everything is centralized.

Add Storage Space

One of the biggest challenges with small master bathrooms is finding storage space for everything. If you don't have room for a full-sized sink and toilet, consider adding storage spaces like shelving or cabinet space above or below the sink. This can be a great way to organize and store personal belongings, cosmetics, or towels.

Hang Clothes on the Wall

A small master bathroom can often feel cramped and dirty if there are not enough hangable clothes options. Install a rod or rail system along one wall and hang clothes like robes and towels from it. This will give you plenty of space to store clothes and keep them organized while they're not in use.

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More Remodeling Ideas for a Small Master Bathroom

Install a Pedestal or Vessel Sink

Another great way to add storage space and make the small master bathroom feel more functional is to install a pedestal sink or vessel sink. These sinks are often taller than standard sinks, providing more countertop space for items like cosmetics and toiletries. They're also often more organized since they have alcoves for toiletries.

Add a Towel Bar or Towel Rack

small master bathroom

A towel bar is an easy way to update your small master bathroom without spending a lot of money. You can buy one or build one yourself. There are a few options available, so choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • If you're looking for a basic towel bar, you can buy one with a standard mount and hardware. This type of towel bar is easy to install and affordable.
  • Another option is to buy a retro-style towel bar that has an old-fashioned look. This type of towel bar is more expensive but may be worth it if you want something unique in your bathroom.

If you're interested in adding more functionality to your small master bathroom, consider buying a wall-mounted or freestanding towel rack. These types of racks are versatile and allow you to store more towels than traditional mounted bars. They also offer more space for organizing towels, making them great choices if you have limited cabinet space or want to create more counter space in your bathroom.

Add a Vanity Light

One of the most important features of any bathroom is a vanity light. A vanity light provides light while you're taking care of business, making it easier to find products and tools in the dark. Install one near the mirror if possible so that you can see what you're doing while applying makeup or shaving.

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Additional Tips for a Small Master Bathroom Remodel

Install an In-Wall Rain Shower Head

A rain shower head can be a great addition to any small master bathroom remodel. Not only does it add a unique and luxurious feature to the room, but it can also increase the efficiency of your showering experience. Plus, who doesn't love a good rain shower?

If you want to install a rain shower head yourself, there are a number of solutions available. You can find an in-wall rain shower head that attaches to the wall or ceiling using screws or wires. Alternatively, you can buy an in-wall shower head that is installed onto the floor.

Whatever solution you choose, be sure to consult with a professional before starting your project. A qualified contractor can help you choose the best rain shower head for your small bathroom remodel and ensure that everything is installed correctly.

Use Bold Colors Wisely

In any remodel or design project, it is important to use bold colors thoughtfully in order to create a cohesive and unified design. When selecting colors for a small master bathroom remodel, it is important to consider the room’s purpose and the personality of the individual who will be using it.

  • For example, if the room is primarily used for bathing and showering, less daring colors might be more appropriate.
  • On the other hand, if the room is meant as an informal sitting area where you can relax after a long day, brighter colors may be more inviting.

Get the Space That You Deserve with a Small Master Bathroom Remodel

Small Master Bathroom Remodel

Adding a bit of luxury to your small master bathroom can be done with a few simple additions. From mounted bars to an in-wall rain shower head, these upgrades will give your bathroom more space and functionality. And these are just a few ideas that can help you make the most out of your small space. Give them a try and see what works best for you.

Keep these tips in mind as you begin planning for your project and you'll be well on your way to creating a luxurious space that's perfect for you. But make sure to consult with a professional by getting in touch with our Atlanta bathroom contractors to ensure everything is done correctly. You don't want to regret adding extra features to your small master bathroom later on!

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