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7 Tips on Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Kitchencabinetrefacing4 9958b0de0e72dbd345cd6a4be7ce04bf 2000 Scaled7 Tips on Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

It's time for a change in your house and you are thinking about kitchen cabinet refacing. If your budget doesn't allow you to have a total renovation, consider cabinet refacing.

  • What is Cabinet Refacing?
  • Tips on Kitchen Cabinet Refacing
  • Do Some Planning Before You Act.
  • Take Into Account The Current Look of Your Kitchen.
  • Don’t Rush The Process of Cabinet Refacing.
  • Don’t Follow Trends. They Aren't Everything.
  • Don’t Go For Low-Quality Materials
  • Always Consider Your Budget
  • Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help

What is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing is a common way to update or refresh a kitchen's look. It can involve replacing old cabinet doors and drawer fronts with new, updated versions, or completely redoing the cabinets themselves. There are many different options available, so please consult with a qualified Atlanta Kitchen and Bathroom contractor for the best solution for your home. But if you plan to do it on your own, these do's and don't's will help you out.

kitchen cabinet refacing

Tips on Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

When it comes to updating your kitchen, there are a few things you can do to make the space look fresh and new. One of the most popular updates is kitchen cabinet refacing. This can give your kitchen a brand new look and feel, while also adding value to your home. Here are some tips on how best to go about refacing your cabinets:

1. Do Some Planning Before You Act.

Before starting any project, you must plan ahead. A well-planned project will go more smoothly. Having a plan also reduces the likelihood of unwelcome surprises. Be sure to gather all of the necessary information and photographs. You’ll need measurements for each cabinet, as well as pictures of the existing cabinets so you can compare them to your desired results.

In case you need further help, Kitchen and Bath By Zeus offer kitchen cabinet installation services in Atlanta. They are kitchen redecorating professionals.

2. Consider The Current Look of Your Kitchen.

When it comes to kitchen cabinet refacing, you'll want to take into account the current look of your kitchen. This way, you can create a look that is both stylish and contemporary. If your kitchen is updated with stainless steel appliances or high-end cabinetry, then a neutral palette might be more appropriate.

On the other hand, if your kitchen has classic white cabinets with dark wood trim, then a brighter color might be more in line with the style of your home. It's important to choose a color that will complement the existing appliances and décor in your kitchen.

kitchen cabinet refacing

3. Don’t Rush The Process of Cabinet Refacing.

Cabinet refacing can be a great way to remodel your kitchen while preserving its original look. However, don't rush the process. It's important to take your time and ensure that you get the refacing done correctly so that your kitchen retains its original features and design.

There are several things to consider when refinishing your cabinets, including the type of wood used, the layout of the doors and drawers, and the dimensions of the cabinet openings. Your kitchen can be improved without a complete renovation if you reface your cabinets.

4. Don’t Follow Trends. They Aren't Everything.

Cabinets can be a very popular and cost-effective way to update your home’s look and feel. When you are looking to reface or remodel your kitchen, it is important to consider the style you are going for. A more classic, traditional, or neutral aesthetic will give your kitchen a more lasting look.

5. Don’t Go For Low-Quality Materials

When it comes to kitchen cabinet refacing, selecting the right materials is key. Not only do you want a product that will last, but you also want something that's of high quality.

Ideally, you'll want materials that are durable and able to resist wear and tear. This means avoiding low-quality options like particleboard or MDF. These materials may be affordable in the short term, but they'll eventually need to be replaced due to their low quality and lack of durability.

kitchen cabinet refacing

6. Always Consider Your Budget

When it comes to kitchen cabinet refacing, budget is always a major factor. However, don't go for cheaply made or flimsy materials just because you're on a tight budget. Instead, look for products that are of high quality but affordable.

For starters, consider the extent of the work that needs to be done. If only a few pieces need to be replaced or updated, it may be less expensive and faster to do them all at once. However, if more than a couple of panels need attention, it may be worth splitting the project into two or more parts so that you can stay on budget without sacrificing quality.

7. Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help

When it comes to refacing your kitchen cabinets, there is no shame in asking for help from a friend or family member or get in touch with a home remodeling expert. In fact, many homeowners find that having help on hand makes the process much easier and less stressful.

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We hope you found this information on kitchen cabinet refacing useful! If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, Kitchen and Bath By Zeus is committed to building a luxury kitchens and bathrooms. You can contact our remodeling experts for a free consultation or call us at 404-602-2668.

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